Peter Marino is a political scientist and international affairs expert from New York City.  He has worked in London, China and the United States and owns an extensive knowledge of politics on a global scale. He holds an undergraduate degree in international relations and a masters degree in global politics.  Mr. Marino’s experiences have put him in a unique position to deliver relevant news to users by way of digital media and in 2012 he founded Quaternion, a digital media company that delivers world-class content in an intuitive and functional way.

In November of 2012, Peter Marino started Quaternion, a medium for news that delivers its stories through the next dimension of media. While Mr. Marino was at LSE he spent much of his time paying attention to how news was delivered.  Listening to podcasts, watching the news, and reading the content on handheld devices all seemed to be lacking a cohesive bond that made the story really speak to the user. Peter came up with an idea to blend the medium and the message together to build that cohesiveness in a way that was intuitive and functional. Quaternion delivers the next dimension of media by building the platform, creating the content and distributing the information themselves. Using services like c3i and Inquire, Quaternion delivers content that is seamless in nature, aesthetically beautiful, and functional in its design.

In the age of global networking, Quaternion delivers content the way it should be.

Peter then went on to the London School of Economics where he studied theory and history of globalization in the heart of the city.  He completed his Masters of Science (MSc) degree in Global Politics in the spring of 2012.

Before attending Norwich, Peter Marino lived in China for five years where he learned the Chinese culture and language.  He came back to the United States to attend Norwich University and in 2011, he graduated summa cum laude with a 4.0 GPA.  In his time at Norwich he set the record for most courses taken in one semester (10) and he completed his undergraduate degree in only four semesters.